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Meryl Blinder

"In my geometric paintings, drafted contours make patterns which are a platform for the interaction of colors. The color choices play with the forward and back of spatial illusion, often confounding expectations of figure and ground. The visual effect of color continuity can run across multiple surfaces and platforms as in the Phosphorescent triptych." - Meryl Blinder

Cathy Corcione

"Striving to capture a dreamy kind of light and a certain stillness of movement, I add layer upon layer and tone upon tone to bring to the surface of the paintings a diffused softness and somewhat complicated simplicity." - Cathy Corcione

Darrell George

"My paintings could be a result of an evolving relationship the individual has with the physical and spiritual world, and making those two parts whole. I’m in search of the fleeting moment that exists between what is real and its abstract counterpart.

The by product of this ideal lends to a greater potential of not fully knowing the outcome, but I would never want to be completely convinced of what I’m doing with the paint; otherwise there would be nothing left for me to look forward to…"