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"Twisted Images"

Twisted Images come to Little Silver Enter a world where capricious creatures caper, the Grand Canyon invades a gas station and cityscapes are entwined upon themselves. That’s what you’ll see in “Twisted Images,” the latest exhibit at Gallery Jupiter. The featured artists are Andrew Bernard, the collaborative team of Kevin Hinkle + Ellen Martin, and Frank Gomez. “The use of photography and computers creates an energy that is both unconventional and stimulating. Each artist brings their own twist on reality,” said Gallery Owner and curator Judith Trammell. Andrew Bernard, the collaborative team of Kevin Hinkle + Ellen Martin, and Frank Gomez are the featured artists in the show. Andrew Bernard’s photographic land and cityscapes stretch and twist over and again until you don’t know what’s up and what’s down. Kevin Hinkle digitally re-interprets images from Ellen Martin’s Abandoned series of photographs. Frank Gomez’s fantastical little beasts, created on his iPad, skitter across the canvas with their nervous energy. Andrew Bernard is a conceptual photographer who has always been drawn to nontraditional photographic formats. He studied photography at the University of Arizona under experimental master photographers Todd Walker and Judith Golden. During the last five years, he’s been exploring the “Pano-Sabotage.” Images are created with the iPhone by “deliberately” misusing its panoramic camera function. The images are one-of-a-kind with no post editing except for the occasional tweak to exposure or color. Kevin Hinkle and Ellen Martin began their composite series about four years ago. They revisited the series for this exhibit. The images are based upon Martin’s Abandoned series begun in 2015. It included shots of warehouses, residential homes, and gas stations. When Martin asked Hinkle to transform her images with his layered image technique, called Fusions, he readily agreed. Frank Gomez is a fan of British illustrator Ralph Steadman. One of Frank’s other heroes is Frank Zappa, his music, but most importantly the album covers, which were primarily designed by Cal Schenkel. They have a look that takes you to the inside of the mind of Frank Zappa and matches his music. “Twisted Images” opens Thursday, April 13, 2023, at 5 p.m. The event is free and open to the public. There is free parking. Gallery Jupiter, 31 Church Street, Little Silver, NJ. 07739.

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