Toral Patel

"In Bloom"


“My work is about creating a sense of feeling and connection between nature and imagination. The organic qualities of my paintings come from constant construction and deconstruction during the process. My goal is to ultimately create something that lies at the tipping point of abstract and familiarity inviting its viewers to use their own life experiences and insight to evoke an emotion unique to them.”

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I was born in Queens, NY, and my love of all things art stems from my childhood there in the 70’s and 80’s. As a young girl, I found this dynamic, colorful era inspiring and energizing. Art was all around visually, from graffiti on buildings and subways of New York to the panoramic scenes at Flushing Meadows Park. My inspiration these days comes from my travels abroad as well as my home state of New Jersey with its lovely shoreline and varied landscape.

My earliest memories are ones of my engineer/architect father often times bringing design work home. He would create beautiful buildings and structures while ensuring their detailed accuracy and I would sit alongside him with my colorful supplies trying to emulate him. He worked with a delicate balance between creativity grounded by practicality. It is this process and balance that I try to carry into my art today. As an adult, a successful past career as a pharmacist has also led me to utilize both sides of my brain which in turn helps balance the chaotic, vibrant world of abstract with an analytical and perceptive method. In the end, I hope neither side overpowers the other in my artwork leaving enough room for it’s viewer to arrive at the vertex of familiarity and abstractionism.